ESG Reporting

Environmental, Social and Governance issues are growing in importance, and Growthpoint’s focus on ESG is deliberate as we continue to embrace it into our business strategy and operations. 

Growthpoint’s ESG position statement  

With integrity, ethics and our values guiding our governance, we provide space to thrive in environmentally sustainable buildings, while improving the social and material wellbeing of individuals and communities. 

Governance of ESG

Growthpoint prides itself in applying a high level of governance. This is also demonstrated in the way ESG is governed. The infographic illustrates the primary workflow and responsibilities of ESG matters within the business. 

Our ESG Stategy

Through our ESG strategy, we aim to achieve the following goals: 


All buildings within the direct control of the organisation to operate at net zero carbon by 2030 and all buildings by 2050. 


  • Labour – Endeavour to create a positive work experience for each of our employees while protecting the interests of the organisation and ensuring that it meets its objectives. 
  • Community – Driving sustainable impact for the communities in which we operate. Our core-focus areas have been supporting education initiatives, entrepreneurship development and staff engagement. 


To give all stakeholders confidence that Growthpoint is a well-governed and well-conducted business. 

ESG Reports



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